Denver Hosts Digital Open House to Support Neighborhood Plans



Digital Open House

Denver’s East Central Planning Area contains a rich mix of amenities, jobs, and housing options, and remains one of the most dynamic places in the city. The area’s outdated neighborhood plans coupled with additional changes on the horizon—including plans to improve City Park and add Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)—make East Central a top priority for engaging the community in a new plan. The City needed a way to share the poster boards from the in-person open houses and collect community feedback on them.


While the open houses offered attendees an opportunity to weigh in on key issues like affordability, how to get around, growth and quality of life in the planning area, neighbors who missed their workshop needed a way to participate. The City needed a way to easily share the poster boards from the in-person events for others to review the materials online and share their thoughts through online surveys and comments.


Konveio helped the City of Denver in a few key ways:

  • Landing pages for each event helped provide background info, presentations and a video recording of the meeting

  • Poster boards from the meetings were shared as PDFs, with the ability to post comments in areas where in-person participants added feedback using sticky notes.

  • Images of the meeting results were included on the digital poster boards to provide transparency and offer inspiration.

  • Key Feature: Embedded surveys replicated dot voting exercises used in the meetings to gather priorities.


Konveio’s unique features allowed the City of Denver to collect feedback online that can easily be merged with feedback collected in-person. Online participation allowed the City to reach beyond their in-person attendance, with more comments collected online than at the face-to-face events. The results have been guiding the planners and the Steering Committee as they develop alternatives for the neighborhood plan.

Chris Haller