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Win more bids, impress clients and foster implementation of your projects! Konveio Studio provides free interactive proposals, project showcases and demo sites, along with discounts, trainings and help promoting your work!

If you are part of a professional services firm serving government agencies, non-profits, or other institutions interested in digitally publishing reports, plans, or policies and collecting public comments or stakeholder feedback, we’re here to support you!

Join Konveio Studio - it’s free!

Exclusive Perks:

  • Your best work featured on Konveio.studio, our showcase site for consultants in our Konveio network.

  • Free Konveio documents to create interactive proposals - include maps, videos or 3D models to showcase your work and wow the selection committee!

  • We will amplify your project or industry news to the readers of our EngagingCities magazine, with more than 50k followers on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

  • Tailored content and resources for proposals or bids.

  • Free training to develop billable services around implementing interactive plans and living documents using Konveio.

Member Deals:

  • Temporary Konveio sites and resources to use for showcases, demos or evaluations.

  • A company-branded Konveio site for your smaller projects at our Konveio Docs subscription level with up to 5 interactive documents and 5 manager accounts for only $475 per year - that’s half the regular price. Explore a demo: http://demo.konveio.studio.

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