Turn your PDFs into Action!

We’d like to sponsor your conference!

Use Konveio to bring your conference program to life, make real-time updates and capture your conference as it happens. Our in-kind sponsorships give smaller conferences an opportunity to turn their existing PDF program into an interactive conference guide without spending lots of money on a fancy event app. Our Konveio software will transform your current conference guide into an interactive experience in no time and without affecting your budget.

Konference Partners receive a free Konveio document, social media promotion, and print flyers as in-kind sponsorship, in exchange for giving Konveio some visibility.

 Konveio provides:

  • An interactive conference program based on your PDF, hosted on www.konferences.org.

  • 1h of setup to assist your team in creating a rich experience for conference visitors.

  • Embeddable program viewer for your event website.

  • Tweet and conference announcement on EngagingCities.org and @EngagingCities to promote your conference.

  • Postcards featuring the interactive program URL, for registration desk, handouts or tote bags.

Conference Partner:

  • Embeds the interactive program widget on their event website (similar to http://ncdd.org/events/ncdd2018).

  • Promotes the interactive guide to attendees before, during and after the conference.

  • Offers basic recognition for Konveio by putting our logo and link in the program and on the conference website.

Colorado Special

  • 2 iPad Kiosks for your registration table in exchange for an exhibit table for Konveio