Shopping Mall in Cupertino to Become Mixed Use Development



Charrette Review

Needing to create a redevelopment plan for a defunct shopping mall site in Cupertino, California, the City turned to the community through a series of Charrettes to identify plan options.


This project is of immense interest to local community members, and the City needed a way to collect and organize huge numbers of comments on Plan Options generated at each Charrette. A spreadsheet was simply infeasible, and the City needed to present a tool that conveyed their commitment to collaboration in the redevelopment planning.


Konveio helped Cupertino in multiple ways:

  • Readers can comment directly on the Charrette summary documents, wherever they choose

  • Readers can respond to other comments, creating threads of dialogue within the community

  • Key Feature:

Simple comment management system allows for easy moderation


Wanting to provide a transparent platform for input on a high-profile project, the City of Cupertino used Konveio to ensure open collaboration on the best path forward.

Chris Haller