Maui Collects Input on Multi-modal Transportation Factbook


Maui MPO

Digital Factbook Review

As part of their Long Range Transportation Plan, the Maui Planning Organization created a Transportation Factbook that compiles data from several sources and across various contributing factors. The MPO needed a way to both circulate the Factbook online and collect community feedback on the data, with the ultimate goal of informing Hele Mai Maui, the MPO’s Long Range Transportation Plan.


The Maui MPO is taking a data-driven approach to it’s planning process, wanting to be transparent with the community about the current state of the multimodal system. As a result, there is a need to provide background information and resources that do not disrupt the overall flow of the Factbook, while also collecting community feedback to learn if they got it right.


Konveio helped Maui in a few different ways:

  • Embedded links take readers to support resources

  • Street view overlays to help readers visualize existing conditions

  • Key Feature: Info panel gives readers instant access to the project website and FAQs for context


Konveio’s unique features enabled Maui MPO to collect feedback that will inform Hele Mai Maui and help keep local communities connected by a safe, efficient, and sustainable transportation system in the face of significant growth.

Chris Haller