Albuquerque Makes it Easy to Get Answers to Zoning Questions



Interactive Zoning Code

To ensure that future development aligns with the community’s vision, Albuquerque updated it’s Integrated Development Ordinance (IDO), which governs the City’s land use and development through zoning and subdivision regulations.


Creating a zoning code that addressed myriad land use considerations required extensive detail in the final IDO. While understanding that the foundational document would necessarily be a PDF in the interest of ongoing maintenance and updates, Albuquerque needed a way to readily provide answers to residents about their property interests.


Konveio makes it easy to navigate a complex document online:

  • A sidebar on the zoning document gives readers quick access to view the zoning map, ask questions, or jump to previous or next sections without leaving the zoning document

  • Special icons and overlays within the document identify background documentation, commentary, supporting legislation, and other resources

  • The interactive glossary provides intuitive tooltips to better understand legal terms

  • Home and summary pages provide ways for citizens to jump into the IDO, letting them easily identify their own interests and dive into the relevant information.

  • Key Feature: Digital guides or worksheets around common questions, like “What can I build on my property” allow users to easily create and email themselves a property report.


Konveio helped a city of more than half a million people simplify development procedures and reduce staff time answering questions about a complex Zoning Code by turning a complicated 500-page PDF into an interactive, valuable land use and development tool.

Chris Haller